Presenter's Instructions

Short communications

Each presenter of a short communication has a 15 minutes oral presentation with an additional 5 minutes for questions and comments. Presenters are kindly asked to bring their presentation file (file named by the surname of the presenter) on the CD or memory stick in the room in which they are going to give their talk half an hour before the session starts or during the coffee break.

Video projectors and computers will be available in all rooms. Please note that on all of the computers, the operating system is MS Office and expected file formats for the presentation are *.pdf, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pps, *.ppsx.

Poster session

  • Your posters must be with the dimensions of  60 cm (width) by 84 cm (height) (A1 size).
  • The poster must be displayed vertically, so keep in mind that the heading of the poster should be on the shorter side at the top.
  • Be  on  time  and stay  close  to your  poster  during  the  session,  so  that  you  are  available  for  discussion.
  • Be  sure  to  take  your  poster  down  at  the  end  of  the  session.