Publication Opportunities

You can choose any one option below in terms of publication:

  1. VI Congress proceedings.
  2. Matematički Bilten 
  3. Special issue of Matematički Bilten with accepted papers from the Section 8: History of Mathematics and Mathematics Education.

Matematički Bilten (ISSN 0351-336X (print), ISSN 1857-9914 (online)) is indexed in:

  • Mathematical Reviews (MathSci)
  • Zentralblatt fur Mathematik
  • Реферативный журнал “Математика” .

Note that ALL papers will be pear reviewed. Papers should be sent to


NEW! The submission deadline is August 15, 2016.

NEW! For publication in Matematički Bilten or in the Proceedings of the VI Congress, please use the following template:

Mat. Bilten Template (txt document), Mat. Bilten Template (pdf document)

NEW! For publication in the Proceedings of the VI Congress or in the  Special Issue of Matematički Bilten please use the following template:

Template (word document / docx),  Template (word document / doc)