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How to get there

The VI Congress takes place in Hotel Metropol that is located approximately 6 km from Ohrid. Closest international airports are Ohrid St. Paule the Apostole Airport (16 km) and Skopje Airport (210 km).

If you arrive at Skopje airport, the intercity bus station are reachable by taxi (the fee is 1220 MKD = 20 EUR) or by bus (the fee is 150 MKD=2,5  EUR). The distance from the airport to the Skopje intercity bus station/the city centre is about 18km.

Ohrid is 170 km south-west from the capital Skopje, reachable by daily frequent bus lines that depart from the centrally located intercity bus station. A bus from Skopje intercity bus station to Ohrid takes about 3 hours and costs 520 MKD (approximately 9 EUR) for a one way ticket or about 750 MKD (approximately 12 EUR) for a round-trip ticket. Hotel Metropol can be reached from Ohrid bus station by taxy and costs around 200 MKD (=3,5 EUR) or by a local bus.

The location of Hotel Metropol in Ohrid.

9927454_origIf you need an assistance to arrive in Ohrid from Skopje, please inform us until June 9, 2016 and we will arrange you a transportation from Skopje to Ohrid and from Ohrid to Skopje. The price of the one way ticket is 25 EUR.

Visa Information

If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, it is imperative that you check whether you need a visa for entering the country. More information about the visa regime can be found here.

Currency, exchange and credit cards

The official currency in Republic of Macedonia is Macedonian Denar (MKD). You can exchange foreign currency in several banks and Currency Exchange Businesses. Credit cards are very common in the urban areas. Shops and restaurants that normally accept credit cards display a list of these cards on their shop windows. It is advisable to carry some cash, since for small purchases, shops do prefer to be paid in cash. Most of the banks are open from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 16:30 (some of them to 18:00) and Saturday from 8:00 to 13:00. They are closed on Sunday.

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