Posters should be prepared in A1 format (size: 594mm (width) x 840mm (height)). The text should be placed vertically. A poster for a two column presentation is highly recommended.

Headings and footer

  • The title should be in capitals Arial 80.
  • The authors’ names and affiliation in Arial 44.
  • The presenting author’s name should be underlined.
  • The presenting author’s email address should be at the bottom in Arial 44 and italic.
  • If the title is longer than two lines or if there are more than three authors, please reduce the font size proportionally.

Illustrations and figures

  • At least one third of the total surface shall be dedicated to pictures, diagrams, charts, sketches…
  • Legends shall be placed under the illustrations, in Arial 32 bold.
  • The legends inside the figures shall be readable.
  • The pictures shall be in high definition and easily readable.


  • You can mention some references, but the maximum of the number of references should be between 2 and 5.
  • Example: J. Smith, T. Adams, A. Muller, This is the format of a proper reference, Journal of Mathematics (2014) vol. 2, 23-34.